BA-i38: Garmin to iPaq 22xx/ 38xx/ 39xx/ 41xx/ 43xx/ 47xx/ 54xx/ 55xx adapter cable.

This adapter cable lets you connect your Garmin GPS (using one of our power and data cables) to a iPaq PDA and supply power to both.  It works with most standard 22-pin connector iPaqs (as long as they support RS232 Serial Communication – and not solely USB).  It doesn’t work with the iPaq 19xx as it doesn’t have a serial port connection.

It plugs into the DB9 plug of either our newest eCombo (power + data cable for the eTrex) or our newest pCombo32 (for Garmin's with the round 5 pin plug).  It connects the data and power lines to the PDA.  Pin 1 of our new eCombo and pCombo32 supply 5V power for the PDA. The older eCombo (prior to Aug 2005) only supplies 3.3V (suitable for the eTrex) and does not also supply 5V to the DB9F connector.

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