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*** NEW: rPlugs for the Garmin rino GPS/Radios ***

As well as the original plugs for Garmin GPSes, we now have plugs for Garmin's new rino combined GPS and radio transceivers.

Do you want a connector plug to make a cable... attach your Garmin GPS to a PC? So that you can keep copies of the records it makes of your hiking, road trips or flights? Then order a 'ShareHardware' plug from Lynks Cables UK. You only have to send in return for it what you think it is worth. We are the UK distributors (or Pfrancs) for the original manufacturer of these unique items, our good friends at Purple Computing in Oregon. If you are in the UK or want to pay in Sterling, you can order directly from us at Lynks Cables UK.

If you want to order one or two plugs (the original round style for the GPS12 etc., the newer rectangular ones for the eTrex and eMap, or the very latest round plugs for the rino), please send us an eMail with Garmin Connector Pledge (UK) in the subject. Remember to tell us what kind of plugs you would like, what kind of DPS you have, and what you are pledging. Don't forget to give us your mail address so that we can post the plugs to you. The pledge can be anything at all (and is NOT restricted to cash). We only ask that it should be related to what you feel the plug is going to be worth to you. We will let you know how to redeem your pledge when we send the plugs. (If you want more than two plugs or ready made cables see below).

Most people pledge around 8 for two of our unique pPlugs, and 10 for two ePlugs or rPlugs, delivered first class to your door.

After we get your E-mail, we will send you a reply confirming that we have got the order. If you don't get the confirmation within a few days, try sending the order again (E-mail has occasionally been known to "get lost in the post" too!!!)
We will Sendyou a connector plug kit by return (including a wiring diagram). You are only expected to redeem your pledge when you are happy with the plug and our service. For more information about wiring up your connector, see this link to Larry Berg's Purple Computing site for the original round connectors. Or this link for assembly assitance for the newer rectangular eSeries plugs.

Note that if you do pledge for a connector, you will need to supply some wire, a connector for the other end, and a little soldering to join it all together. (But we do give you a short piece of heat shrink tubing to make it all neat and tidy when you are finished!)

Click to eMail us a pledge for one or two of the original round plugs for the GPS12 etc.

Click to eMail us a pledge for one or two of the rectangular plugs for the eSeries GPSes (eTrex, eMap, etc.)

Click to eMail us a pledge for one or two of the new smaller round plugs for the rino GPS/Radios.

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