USB to Serial (RS232) Converter Cable


This converter cable gives you an easy way to convert a USB port into a standard 9 pin COM port so you can plug your old serial devices into your new USB port. It basically adds a new COM port to your PC. And, the cable is 2 meters long so your new standard DB-9 COM port can be located on your physical desktop, no more reaching around back of the PC! This is a great way to connect your Garmin GPS (and other serial things) to that new laptop that has only USB ports. Or add a bunch of COM ports to your PC, no more swapping, re-configuring drivers, and no IRQ problems.

Requirements: Pentium-class PC with USB port, Windows 8, 7, XP or 2000, Windows Me, 98SE or 98. Apple iMac with USB port (but only OS/X 10.0.2 or below.)

Specifications: Driver software now included on mini-CD (Note: If your CD drive can't cope with a mini-sized CD, let us know and we'll send you a full size one). Full RS-232 voltage levels +/- 10VDC on all signals, Tx,Rx,DTR,RTS,CTS,and DSR. Operates up to 115k baud. FCC approved for home or office use. CE marked.

Manufacturer: Magic Control Technology Corp.

Here are the latest drivers for download on-line.

LATEST DRIVER for Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 click here.

(This is a 3.9 Mbyte ZIP file. UnZIP the file and run the application called U232- The installation manual for this driver is here.)

For Apple Mac OS Ver 8.6, 9.0 & 9.04 click here.

For Apple Mac OS/X Ver 10.0 &10.0.2 click here.

(These are Apple .SIT files)

Known Issues:

1. Microsoft "MapPoint 2001" and "Microsoft Streets and Trips 2001" (and the European version known as "Autoroute 2001") don't seem to be able to connect to a GPS which is connected using a serial-to-Universal Serial Bus (USB) port adapter. This is a known issue with this software (see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q263707 )

2. Garmin MapSource software prior to version 4.0 does not work with USB converters. (You can download updates from the Garmin Web site.)

3. This converter does NOT work with any version of Windows 95 (even OSR2.1 that did add some USB support).

4. Sorry, but there are no drivers available for newer versions of Apple OS/X than 10.0.2.

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